Storyteller Festival

The fourth annual Dallas Storyteller Festival is here!  This annual celebration of the oral tradition features storytellers from around the country and the world.  All presentations are free.

Date/Time            Topic and Presenter(s)                              Location

September 26      Strong Women In Early Oregon                   Dallas Public Library
(Wednesday)        Rachel Greco
6:30 PM

September 28       Stories for the Fun At Heart                       Dallas Retirement Village
(Friday)                   Ann Rutherford and Norm Brecke         Lodge Cascade Room
6:30 PM

September 29        Urban Storytellers On The Road                The Majestic
(Saturday)               Portland Story Theater                             976 Main Street
7:00 PM

October 1                  Music and Dance from Ghana                   Dallas Civic Center
(Monday)                 Okaidja Afroso                                            945 SE Jefferson Street
7:00 PM

October 2                Hawaiian Legends & Stories from            Dallas Public Library
(Tuesday)                Pearl Harbor
7:00 PM                    Alton Chung

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