In addition to ad hoc committees formed for special purposes, e.g., the 2017 Eclipse Celebration, there are four permanent (standing) committees.  Each is listed below along with a brief description of its charter.  Members are encouraged to get involved at the committee level—that’s where most of the real results happen!

Organization Committee
Purpose:  to provide the motivation and focus to facilitate and engage individuals and community organizations in downtown revitalization projects and activities.

Organization Committee Members
Mark Brehm – Chair / Lyndsey Mason / Rachel Greco / Jessi Blanco / Rita Grady

Promotion Committee
Purpose:  to highlight and publicize downtown through events and activities.

Promotion Committee Members
Maria Byron – Chair / Shelly Jones 

Design Committee
Purpose:  to assist in revitalizing downtown facades and street-scapes reflective of Dallas’s historic character and small-town community feel.

Design Committee Members
Rich Wolcott – Chair / Liz Garrow / Sue Rohde / Brian Dalton / Michael Welsch / Denise Grover / Lynette Henshaw / Bev Shein / Monica Johnson / Stephanie Vargas / James Foster / Shelly Jones / Richard Nosiglia.

Economic Vitality Committee
Purpose:  to replace downtown vacancies with viable businesses and, where appropriate, upper-floor residential space.

Economic Vitality Committee
Marlene Cox – Chair / Lavonne Wilson / Wade White / Lisa Springer / Ryan Woolfolk / Lisa Marshall

If you’re interested in getting more information about a committee please email our Program Manager at

Updated: 6/17/2020 MF

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